Liddicoat & Goldhill

The Wheelhouse


This project entails the renovation and remodelling of a previously converted 18th century mill (Grade II Listed) into an expansive (3,133 sqft) and unusual domestic dwelling.

The four-storey mill is built into a slope at the head of a steep valley in the Wiltshire countryside. We are adding a double-height orangery extension and terrace which mediates between the elevated living rooms and the garden below, accommodating the slope.

We have employed an inverted plan lending the lofty bright upper floors to open plan living spaces, while the more enclosed lower floors are reserved for bedrooms – calm and private retreats. Combining faithful preservation of the industrial structure with a new carbon steel and oak helical staircase, carefully inserted through the full height of the building.

The conservation of the original building requires delicate handling, especially as the transition with the modern Skandinavian interiors is made.

Construction starting now; completion due Summer 2020.