Liddicoat & Goldhill

Pickering House & Gallery

The site presently hosts three distinct structures, set on three sides of a concrete courtyard, which is open to the hillside to the West. The farmhouse defines the Southern edge. Holcombe Farm's simple stone structures complete the enclosure; to the East, an outhouse for storage and to the North, an open shed used for vehicle parking. The outhouses are ancillary to the residential use of the farmhouse. 

The proposed new house replaces the buildings on the site, but maintains their approximate footprint and level in order to minimise disturbance to the landscape. 

The proposed design looks to capitalise on this sense of enclosure and privacy, while enjoying the spectacular views. The central courtyard is designed as a enclosed point within which to arrive, protected by the cluster of buildings and steep slope to the west. In contrast to this protected courtyard, there is a sense of openness to the east and south of the proposed design.